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January 2021 | My new single “Psalm 121” is available! 

Click here for the Official Music Video

Psalm 121 is one of the most famous psalms, often said in times of need or distress.  There is perhaps no better example of this distress than our present world.  A raging pandemic, political divisions, racial inequality and are just a few of the issues we are grappling with.  It only felt appropriate to me to try to offer some form of condolence, and I aim to do so with this song and this video.  The melody for this psalm was conceived in 2015, originally written for a setting of Psalm 16.  I liked the melody, but could never figure out what to do with it.  Over the years it went through many iterations, including a choral setting of Psalm 29 and a movement of a song cycle with original English lyrics.  Last February, during a reflective walk in the location this video takes place, I decided to use the 121st psalm.  I also decided I wanted to try something different by recording many of the instruments myself and in particular, by singing.  I have never considered myself a singer but I wanted to do it for the sake of personal expression.  It has been an extremely rewarding and humbling experience to lend my voice to this song.  This song is sung in Hebrew and is deeply inspired by my love for Judaism and Jewish music (particularly Israeli pop).  However, it is a song for the world, and I hope to have illustrated that by using diverse images in the video.  We are all suffering, whatever our religion or even if we have no religion.  We are all hoping for better times, free from isolation and division.  Let this song, and this video, serve as a place for people to grieve, to share, to breathe, to feel some sort of solace.  Some sort of peace and assurance that everything will be okay.  Because I believe it really will.  I want to thank everyone involved in bringing this project to life; my family, my many friends and teachers, and everyone involved in the recording and video production.  I am eternally grateful to all of you.

Warmly, Jeremiah